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Live Greener. Live Better. 

We are proud to offer you an NGBS green certified Apartment Home at Mills Creek Preserve. Living green is about embracing better ways to live. It’s about healthier homes. It’s about increasing energy and water efficiency. It’s about helping improve the communities in which we live.


Our Green Certified promise provides:


Healthy Environments

• Engineered to limit moisture problems that attract pests and contribute to mold

• Designed to provide an appropriate level of fresh air

• Built with smart product selection and fresh air ventilation that limits indoor pollutants


Real Efficiencies

• Designed using high-performance equipment and cutting-edge building science

• Built with durable products and techniques to reduce maintenance costs

• Engineered to be more comfortable and save on operating costs


Sustainable Lifestyles

• Located to promote walkability

• Constructed efficiently to create less pollution and create environmental benefits


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